Stora Nolia in Piteå postponed to 2021 when the city celebrates 400 years

According to Nolia AB's CEO, it has been constant struggle to be able to arrange this year's Stora Nolia in Piteå as planned.

“We have fought for our exhibitors, but also for our visitors, for businesses in northers Sweden and for Piteå as a city. But nothing indicates that we will be allowed to gather so many people we and the exhibitors need to make it feel like the Stora Nolia we all know and love. That’s why we have decided postpone the fair one year - to the year when the city of Piteå turns 400 years”, says Jonas Dahlberg, CEO of Nolia AB, the fairs organizer.

The decision to move this year's Stora Nolia has been one of Nolia AB's: most difficult ever.

“We have held the fair every year since 1962 and had to come to this, a global Pandemic, to break a 50-year long tradition. We have always worked with the plan to hold the fair as planned but we cannot see signs of restrictions being lifted to make it possible to arrange Stora Nolia, one of Scandinavia's largest visitor fairs. In that perspective it feels better to postpone the fair one year”, says Jonas Dahlberg.

The next Stora Nolia opens on August 7, 2021 in Piteå and lasts for five days, until August 11.

“There are several reasons why we choose to move forward instead of holding the fair in Umeå next year according to plan. One of the most important is that the fair in Piteå will now coincide with Piteå's 400th anniversary. In addition, the next Stora Nolia in Umeå, which will be held in 2022, the same year that city of Umeå turns 400 years. The timing worked in our favour this time and the jubilees create the conditions for us to do something really extra of the respective fair, while the jubilees will focus on the cities of Piteå 2021 and Umeå 2022 where we will do our best to attract as many visitors as possible”, says Jonas Dahlberg.